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Don't worry, your item is 100% Guaranteed!!

First off we are so sorry that this has happened! We do stand by all our products 100%. Please read the following options and let us know how you would like to proceed.

Option 1

If the damage is minor, i.e., suede peeling, missing crystal, imperfection in appearance, and you would like to keep and fix your item, we would be happy to give 50% off a new item of equal value in your next purchase.

Option 2

If you believe your damage is more than minor, we will replace your exact damaged item free of charge.

Please let us know which option you want to choose at order@burjushoes.com.

If you choose Option 2 please email the following information to us at order@burjushoes.com:

1. A photo of the damaged item.

2. Specific product description. If shoe please provide the shoe style, heel style, heel height, sole, size and color. Any other product - please provide color and size.

3. Order Number

4. A shipping address to send the new item.

Also please note if this is an out of stock item it will take 6-8 for it to come back into stock! We will confirm with you once we have all the requested information.

Look forward to hearing back from you, and getting you a new pair of Burju’s!

Team Burju